Little Genius News (Premiere)

Mr Grumpy and his little Geniuses!

Mr Grumpy!

He’s super funny and sometimes just weird! He makes it his mission to solve every problem brought to him. He listens to all little kiddos from his neighbourhood and encourages them to build solutions to every problem!

If you have a problem, he’s got the answers!

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Episode One

Phone Projector

Have you thought about creating a private, cozy cinema in your living room? You can totally ace it, and invite friends over!
Sleep overs just got more fabulous!

Watch and join us on an adventure, building a movie night experience right at home

Episode Two


What happens when you fill up a water bottle with honey? Will it weigh the same as water? 

Not sure? Why not try it out and see for yourself! 

Better yet, catch this episode of the show and see just what happens!

Episode Three

Gears & Windmills

Do you have any idea how the tyres and wheels on cars came about? Someone once had a mobility problem!
Then boom! came the idea to construct stone wheels...

Several modifications after, we have the car wheels. Watch as one idea solved many problems

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