Mr Grumpy, the relentless inventor, is ever ready to show kids new adventures.  He piques your curiosity for learning and helps you solve problems, using his in-garage teleporter and resourceful toolbox!

Episode One

Phone Projector

Who says you can’t create a cinema in your own room?
Watch as Mr Grumpy takes kids on an adventure, building a cinema experience right indoors!

Episode Two


If you fill up your water bottle with honey, will it weigh the same as water? Not sure? Why not try it out? Catch episode two of the show and see just what happens

Episode Three

Gears & Windmills

Do you have any idea how the tyres and wheels on cars came about?
Someone once had a mobility problem! Then boom!
Watch as one idea solved many problems

Episode Four


Which part of the world has the most volcanic eruptions? India? Africa? Can you guess? What causes volcanoes?
Watch as we build a pre-historic lava spitting volcano!

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Episode Five

Hot and Cold air

Hot air balloons are pretty cool to take a ride in. Do you know what powers them? Hot air!... But how possible right?
Catch as Mr Grumpy shows what makes it possible for air to lift off!

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Episode Six

Lemon Battery

An Artist, Caleb Charland once used 300 apples to power a lamp! and it lasted for several hours! Unbelievable right? Can we do the same with lemons?
Mr grumpy and the kids try it out!

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Episode Seven

Spin Art

We can use technology to create almost anything! Even art!
An inventor, years ago, discovered how to make art using his painting machine! Let’s make our popping Spin art!

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Episode Eight


How come bridges don’t sink? Does this cross your mind when you go over a bridge? How do we travel over bridges and come out on the other side in one perfect piece? Whew! Let’s find out!

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Episode Nine

Water Wonder

What spectacular things can you create with water? Ever tried something really cool before?
Find out more from this episode! Then show off your tricks to friends!

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Episode Ten


The lion is the king of the junlge, but when something else roars, even lions take flight! What can that be? The earth!
When it quakes it takes everything!
Earthquakes are devastating, but there’s always something to learn from everything!

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Episode Eleven

Balloon Car

How do cars move? What propels them forward? It can't simply be the pedals... there's got to be something more!
You're right, there's a force responsible!
Let’s build our own cars, yeah yours cos it's powered by the force from your mouth! Air!

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Episode Twelve

Rain clouds & lightning

If it never rains, never ever rains... we'll have grey skies not white or blue! Dark, grey and unfriendly clouds will fill up our earth. And there'll be huge lightning storms!
You bet mother nature will not sit back to watch that happen!