The relentless inventor, Mr Grumpy, is ever so busy working on new inventions! But…

 He never minds a chance to show kids new adventures!  

He piques your curiosity for learning and helps you solve problems! 

From his garage-built teleport station, you jet off to the land of geniuses – where you belong – and explore new possibilities!




STEM helps children think innovatively. Kids all over the world are learning STEM. 

STEM simply means (Science Technology Engineering Maths).

Kids are natural explorers and their curiosity helps them handle STEM easily. They are basically learning how to prepare for the future of technology, regardless of their skills interests and temperaments.


But why Subscribe?

The world is changing very quickly! The world as you know it will not exist a few years from now. Will you be ready for the future? Will you be able to succeed in that future?

You can help them be ready to tackle every technology advancements that will show up in  their future if you help them get ready for it now. Help them love innovation, creativity, trying their hands on making things and fixing problems.  


A recent study shows that by 2030 more than half of the jobs in the world will be STEM based. And people in STEM careers earn almost double than people in non-stem careers.

Children who have developed the skills of innovative thinking will be more adaptable to future events. They will be able to apply their agile thinking to new circumstances and arrive at reasoned conclusions. 

Who is it for?

Kids age 5 to 12! And Parents!

We’ve made it easier for parents and kids! We’ve put STEM into a fun tv show for the family! Give your child a chance at learning and loving the journey to explore. ‘Mr Grumpy and his little Geniuses!' Is where kids have lots of fun learning to build and solve problems, while they sing, dance and laugh with the puppet who encourages them as they create. While they build and perform experiments at home.

All experiment items are listed out for you. Many items can be found in the home already and every parent will need to carve out just about 30 minutes to your child per episode as they learn.

Practice makes perfect

Learning to build new things and experimenting often requires trying it out several times before perfecting the skill. 

Enjoy countless views from the comfort of your home or school. Take your time, awesomeness comes with persistence and consistency.


  • 13 episodes of innovative awesomeness 
  • Prepare your kids for the future
  • Bond with your child
  • Be your child’s super hero
  • Help your children become lifelong learners. 
  • Help your kids build confidence as you encourage them to build.
  • It is a lot of fun! 
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